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Icelands Landscapes, Towns And Sites Of Interest
Iceland is the second largest Island in Europe. It is of vulcanic origin and  some areas consist of glaciers located internally.

Iceland has a fairly mild climate allthough it is located in the far Northern regions. This is because of the Gulf currents which produce a mild subarctic climate. 1966 67% of the Icelanders lived in the cities of the country of which two-fifth lived in Reykjavik alone. The language spoken is Icelandic. The most important export product of Iceland is fish produce. Iceland has no rail con- nections and has to rely on the road transport and coastal shipping. Air transport however plays a big role and there are over 90 smaller airports and one international airport. The increase in tourism has overcome the isolated location of the country. Geological the youngest country in the world, Iceland is thriving on an abundance of energy, where fire and ice exists side by side and as in Northern Scandinavia it has endless days in summer and the natural landscape offers an amazing array of activities. In the cities a huge choice of excursions  and activities will keep you busy.

Iceland is a beautiful country just waiting to be explored, when coming alive in the summer months Its dramatic scenery offers a wealth of opportunities for walking and touring in national parks. The country also is the home of Europes largest glacier, the Vatnajoekull and also the Thingvellier National Park. Being a vulcanic region also means there are many geo- thermal springs and spectecular lava fields to explore. There are many geothermal pools or baths to relax in. Reykjavik a most clean and beautiful city offering its visitors an abun- dance of good cafe's and restaurants serving Icelandic and international cuisines. When in Iceland also go and visit the 'Blue Lagoon' a unique geothermal spa and take a tour of whale watching by joining a boat trip from the Snaelfellsnes Peninsula and visit Reykjaviks botanical gardens.
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